Walter Zygarewicz

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Walter is an International Evangelist and Bible Teacher, who has traveled and ministered in over 50 nations. God has used him to bring thousands to Christ. Many have testified of healing in his services. He has been instrumental in linking Western Churches  and Ministries with Eastern European Missions. Walter was born to Ukrainian parents in South America and grew up in San Francisco. He was called to the ministry at an early age. With his ability to speak 5 languages, the doors to ministry were far and wide.



Nina Zygarewicz

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Nina is an accomplished Gospel Singer and musician. God has used her to touch many lives through her musical ministry. She was born to Slavic parents in New Jersey and grew up in Seattle, Washington. She has been in music ministry from an early age and speaks and sings in several languages. She was instrumental in introducing Praise and Worship songs to the pastors and churches of Ukraine after the break up of the Soviet Union.

Nina and Walter met in Seattle and married in September 1983. God blessed them with 3 daughters, Susan, Rachel and Tiffany. Nina was born in the USA to parents who survived Nazi occupation of Ukraine and Russia.